Ignite Denver 12 Speakers

Crude drawing of speaker on stageAfter a lengthy and difficult selection process, we have narrowed down 26 awesome entries to 14 presentations and 1 back-up. In the interest of equality, we’re calling it 15 presentations. On the evening of Wednesday, October 24, prepare yourself to be entertained by and educated on the following topics:

Mollie Rusher – Where Them Girls At?!
Audrey Klammer – The dark underbelly of event planning
Eric Fickes – Rules of the skatepark
Ben Deda – Screw the “A”, take the “C”
Bart Windrum – Dying In Peace to Die At Peace: New Terms of Engagement
Ryan Estes – Novelty: A Beginners Tale
Kelly Tidd – The 7 Deadly Startup Sins
Joseph Labrecque – Absinthe: Artistic Rituals, Intestinal Parasites, and Psychoactive Madness!
Tim Davids – the truth about sleep deprivation
Tim Nicklas – The tortoise and the hare – can big healthcare organizations utilize startups in Open Innovation?
Art Pennington – Satellites and Tupperware: An Introduction to Geocaching
Eli Fehler – How your Friends are Shaping your Brain
Eric Rosenberg – Stop Working For Your Money, Make It Work For You
Erik Wolf – Is My Web Guy F#cking Me?
Arif Gangji – Teach your kids how to manage money or they’ll move back home when they are 30.

Please note that the order above is the order in which the sparks were submitted. Speaking order will not be announced this week.

All names link to Twitter profiles (where provided). Take a moment to congratulate your favorites and wish them will!

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