Ignite Denver 12 Spark Submissions

The next Ignite Denver is just around the corner, and it’s going to rock. We bring you a night of entrepreneurial brilliance in the middle of Startup Week Denver. The center of our event, however, are YOUR talks. Are you ready to entertain and inform a crowd of eager minds?

The process is simple. Hit up our submission form, type in a title for your talk, and add a punchy paragraph to briefly describe what you want to tell us about. Do you want to share the trials and tribulations of running a startup? Do you have some pointers on how NOT to pitch to a VC? Do you really love your toaster for 9 very specific reasons? Hey, the startup crowd cares about your toaster. All ideas are welcome!

There are just three basic rules to keep in mind.

  1. Entertain the people at least a little
  2. Inform the people just a little
  3. Don’t blatantly pitch anything

Don’t worry about that first point. If you try too hard, everyone will know. 😉 Just be your delightfully entertaining self, and we’ll all enjoy the talk. We don’t have any unreasonable expectations about pleasing everyone all the time.

Don’t worry about that second point. We just don’t want you to focus so much on bringing the funny that you forget to drop the knowledge. Everyone has something smart to share, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve learned on your unique path through life.

Don’t worry about that third point. Of course you’re going to tell us who you are, what you do, and how we can reach your web site and social media accounts. We just want you to keep in mind that this is a fun presentation format, not a sales pitch. Trust that your informative and entertaining spark will ultimately guide everyone to your website anyhow. 😉

To get you started, here is a #SparkIdea or two (actually, three exactly) that you can use to get that little hamster running on that little wheel that churns out all your brilliance. Feel free to share more on your own channels!

#SparkIdea: Caffeine Matters: Your startup has been funded and you’ve hired the talent. Now you need to keep them running. I’ll tell you how to stock your break room in a budget-friendly manner that will keep your designers designing, your developers developing, and your scrum masters scrumming. Scrimmaging? Whatever. They’ll all be so busy making great stuff you won’t care what they call it.

#SparkIdea: My Toast Brings All the Boys to the Yard. Bread is fine, but toast is better, and my toast is the best. What’s my secret? This AMAZING toaster. If you want more boys in your yard, I’ll teach you how to find and perfect your own toaster-boy-bringer. Or you can just buy mine. I’m sick of all these boys in my yard. They’re so messy!

#SparkIdea: Theremin Lies the Problem: I hate the Theremin and so should you. It’s the stupidest musical instrument ever invented. I understand your hesitation to agree, but I have a fully defensible argument against its existence. I will share my carefully considered reasons with you, and in no time, you’ll hate the theremin just as much as I do. #Analog4Life

Ready? Ok! Bring your best ideas on our submission page HERE.

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