Ignite Denver 12 SOLD OUT (or) Wait Lists Are Fun

Sold: 300; Available:0; Waitlist: 1So you wanted to go to Ignite Denver, but didn’t get your ticket in time. It’s understandable! We expected a solid turnout, but no one expected it to sell out in less than 3 days! While we’re delighted by the community’s response, we’re also going to do whatever we can to make sure everyone who wants to attend is able.

So here’s the lowdown. (Numbers are fun!) We released 300 tickets to the public and reserved 100 for speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. Every ticket NOT claimed in that pool of 100 will be released to the public, but we don’t expect many. What can you do?

Wait! List?

Get on the wait list! It’s easy to do from the Eventbrite page. Once you’re on the wait list, you’ll be contacted by Eventbrite robots when a ticket becomes available. Don’t delay! You’ll have a limited amount of time to claim it before it’s offered to the next person in line.

Total sales: Zero dollars and zero cents
We’re sellouts. Now we’re going to go swim in our giant pile of money.

It’s also possible that our sponsors will be giving away a couple tickets to sit with them. Check out those fabulous companies on the right sidebar, and feel free to show them some love. It may pay off with a prime seat at the show.

One other option is to be tight with one of our fabulous speakers. They all get a +1 to the show, and you might be the cheer-squad-of-one that they want to have, there. Or you could bribe them with offers to make all their pizza & beer runs for them? Segue to Fat Sully’s Slice Truck, who will be serving up deliciousness hot from the ovens before the show and through intermission.

We can’t possibly express the fullest depth of our gratitude for everything you’re all doing to make this event so awesome. Ignite Denver is of the people, by the people, and for the people. And we couldn’t be happier to call Denver our community.

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