Finally! The videos from Ignite Denver 11 are in!

I want to thank the gang at ZeroSun Pictures who volunteered nearly all of their video production company to get these done. There were snags and obstacles but these guys went above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with the videos of our amazing Ignite Denver 11 presenters. Now you may have noticed that one presentation is missing. The always delightful Kia Ruiz is still in the limbo stage. We are doing our best to dig it out of the mire, but until then please enjoy…

Colin Thomas-Arnold|
Eric Rosenberg|
Erika Napoletano|
Helene Kwong|
Jillian Hart|
Kelly Tidd|
Kia Ruiz|
Tali Koziol|
Tim Nicklas|
Zach Olsen|