ID19 – Thank you, Denver!

One week has passed since Ignite Denver 19 and we still haven’t¬†recovered from the incredible night we all had.


First off, a huge thank you to all of our presenters – your Sparks were amazing! Thanks also to everyone who voted for these great talks. Denver sure knows how to pick ’em. We’d like to thank the Oriental Theater for hosting us again. It’s like our little home away from home. But in a theater.

And a HUGE thanks to everyone in the Denver metro area who sold out this show and made their way¬†out in a crazy snowstorm to pack the house! We created Ignite Denver for you, and we couldn’t – and wouldn’t want to – do it without you.

We began the event with the lovely Kat Atwell, our new emcee. Fresh off her Spark “How To Raise A Fucking Lady” at Ignite Denver 18, she brought the same touch of class to this event as our host. Kat guided us through inspiring travel talks by Stephanie Vail and Pete Winterscheidt, and led us through life-changing presentations by Geina Horton, Michael Kilcoyne, Angela Daniels, and Laurie Seymour. Katie Bessert showed us the data behind hiring nicer people, and Blake Harris explained how we can avoid the lawsuit lottery.

Ignite Denver 19 speakers Macy Matarazzo implored us to stop dating jerks (and showed us how to do so), and Shana Cordon walked us through the valley of our fears. Katie Mason dreamed about cuddling with cockroaches, talked about what dreams mean, and then rapped about it. Mike Sales then concluded the event by describing his life since his ultralight accident and then walked off stage to prove his point that “where focus goes, energy flows.” We all stood in tribute.

Mike Sales

Special thanks also to Andy Nicolai for being available last-minute and melting faces with his guitar at the afterparty!

This brief overview does absolutely no justice to the power and humanity and hilarity of being in the room. Please join us for Ignite Denver 20 on June 11th, 2015. (Buy your ticket now! We sold out last time!) We will have a new lineup of Sparks (submit your Spark here!) and a new special musical guest to play the afterparty. More details to come! But for now, we need a nap. Thanks again, Denver. We love you.

Hugs and High Fives,

Your Ignite Denver Committee & Volunteers