I Think My Spark Topic is too Boring

Right now, I’m sure there are some of you thinking, “Yeah, I have a couple of really great ideas for sparks, but they’re all on really boring topics and I don’t think anyone would be interested in hearing me talk about [insert perceived boring hobby or interest here] for five minutes.”

That’s where you, my friend, are totally wrong and I’ll tell you why.

We’re all adults here, so I’m going to assume that you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean that counts.”

The same thing goes for your Ignite Denver presentation; if you take the time to make your topic relatable and engaging, just about anything can be interesting.  Plus, remember, you’re speaking to a room filled with geeks. They all bought tickets because they want to learn something new. They want to be enlightened. Bring a completely new topic to the table, but put some spice on it.

If you still don’t believe me, take a look at some of these presentations on topics that might seem a little dull, but are actually really entertaining and interesting sparks.

How to Buy a New Car

This presentation actually has me stoked to go out and buy a car. I’m not kidding. I’ll be watching it again when the time is right for me to set foot in a dealership.

Synchronicity: The Science of Good Luck

The nerd in me just rejoices all over the place for this presentation. The guy breaks down quantum mechanics using Simspon’s references!

Cup Noodle: Innovation, Inspiration and Manga

Fantastic startup lessons as told through the invention of Cup o’ Noodle soup.

You guys, these are just three examples of Ignites being held around the world every month! The topics being covered are mind boggling. Chances are someone has even talked about your idea in some other city and everyone loved it. So no more, “My topic is boring” excuses, because we don’t believe that they exist.

Now get out there and submit a spark to Ignite Denver 13 and rock our worlds with your giant topical knowledge.

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