Hungry for Knowledge and Actual Food? Ignite Denver has You Covered

In a world where awesome people congregate under one roof to watch interesting and inspiring presentations on topics that run the gamut, there grows a hunger. The sounds of hundreds of growling stomachs fill the otherwise serene evening.

Is it a hunger for knowledge that gets these tummies grumbling? Well, maybe, but that’s more of a metaphor. Stomachs typically growl when they’re literally hungry.


Fat Sully's Pizza
Bring cash. Eat pizza.

Never fear; Fat Sully’s is here with slices of pizza as big as your face! Ok, face size probably isn’t the best unit of measure for a standard size since everyone has different face sizes. I digress. The point is, Fat Sully’s has big pizza slices and they will be at The Oriental for Ignite Denver 13 to feed the hungry masses.

Here’s the key to making sure you have Fat Sully’s for dinner on February 27th:

  1. Eat a light lunch.
  2. Get to Ignite a little early.
  4. Get pizza.

Easy peasy, right?

PostScript: Fat Sully’s does take credit cards if you forget a couple bucks, but, as with any food truck situation (especially when the lines are long), cash is king and everyone will love you more for being able to pay quickly and keep the line moving.

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