Have you Ever Wondered…?

What Kat Atwell’s favorite ignite Spark is? Or John, who’s been running Ignite from day 1? Oh the stories he could tell…

We’ve been offline since after Ignite Denver 34, taking care of ourselves, our families and friends.

While in-person stuff is still a long way from being a reality, we wanted to bring the Ignite Denver family back together. We may look into an actual Ignite Denver online, but for now we wanted to do something else.

With 34 Ignite Denvers in the books… Or would it be Ignites Denver? Any how, with 34 in the books, we’ve got a wealth of awesome sparks and as you might expect, every member of the team has a favorite of two.

Join us October 21 for a fun review and chat. We’ll be online streaming, watching and talking about our favorite sparks from Ignites past. We’ll take questions, probably be drinking, and generally doing our best to be Ignite Denver in your home, on your TV, but not in a creepy way 🙂

We also want to support our friends at the Bug Theatre. They’ve been doing everything they can to keep the lights on, but as this pandemic drags on, it’s getting harder for them. As such any donation tickets sold will be forwarded on to the Bug, we’re not taking a cut, it all goes to the bug. We hope you’ll help us help them!

See you there?

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