Good God, What Is Happening to the Site?!?

Corporate ClownHello, Friends! We’re working on the site, and we’re doing it live. Hey, it’s the off-season, between events, so traffic is low right now. Don’t mind the dust, and feel free to drop us a line (Twitter or Facebook) with any thoughts you may have on the progress.

Nice RAQ

There are a few rarely asked questions we’d like to answer for our eager readers.

  1. When is the next event? Thursday, October 9th. Doors at 6, stage at 7.
  2. Where is it? At the Oriental Theater again. We just love them.
  3. How can I speak? Submissions open Monday, August 25th. Set a reminder and check back then for a link.
  4. Where are the videos of the last event? We have a handy Ignite Denver 17 Playlist at our usual YouTube hangout.
  5. Where are the photos of the last event? We have a handy Ignite Denver 17 Album at our usual Facebook hangout.
  6. Wait, are you guys on Hangouts? What’s that? I don’t think so.
  7. Well then why do you keep using that word?! Remember when a word was just a word, maaan?
  8. Whatever. Are you still doing workshops? I heard they were really helpful. We’ve heard the same, so the workshops will continue!

ID18 Calendar

Aug 18 – Workshop: Pitch Your Spark
Aug 25 – Submissions open
Sep 2 – Workshop: Presnting at Ignite
Sep 8 – Voting Opens
Sep 15 – Workshop: Creating a Great Presentation
Sep 15 – Presenters Announced

If you want to speak, keep Sept 22 & 29 open as well.