Friday Five! Five Sparks About Dating

Here we are on Valentine’s Day Eve 2015 and love is in the air. Or not. We don’t know.

While your romantic life is out of the scope of what we here at Ignite Denver are responsible for, we can share the wisdom of past presenters who have put themselves out there to explain their views on dating and relationships.

Watch these videos and then bring a date to Ignite Denver #19 on Thursday, February 26th. Or come single and meet someone there! Or resist the pressure from society and your mom to pair up and just show up, eat, drink, and watch some cool people get up onstage.

Whatever you do, buy your tickets now and take advantage of early bird pricing while it lasts!

Tim Davids: Internet Dating for Dummies

Krista Jurczenia: Cupcakes and Dating – A Comparative Study

Kelly Tidd: Bitches Love Candles and Other Courtship Fallacies

An Bui: How to Pick Up Chicks – Tips From a Totally Hetero Woman

Nora Burns: Dating, Recruiting & Zha Zha Zuu