Friday Five! 5 Topics That Make You Think

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Friday Five! The holiday weekend got the better of us but we’re here on the holiday itself to deliver five Sparks from past Ignite Denver events that will make you think.

Ignite Denver #19 is on Thursday, February 26th at the Oriental Theater. (Buy tickets now!) Hopefully one of these talks will inspire you to submit a Spark and get your buns/tuchas/derrière up on the stage to make us think! (Or laugh, or cry, or yell, or get angry, or…you get the idea.)

Dr. M.D. Kinoti: Help! I Live on Less Than a Dollar a Day

Paula Stephens: How A Recycling Program Lead to My Discover of an Unidentified Stage of Grief

Aaron Templer: A Rhythm Runs Through It: Our Lives Defined By Beats

Erika Napoletano: You Don’t Know Jacques: The Recondite Lives of Renowned People

Eli Fehler: How Your Friends Are Shaping Your Brain

And since the holiday in question is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here’s a bonus video to make you think: