Friday Five! 5 blasts from Ignite Denver’s past

In the run-up to Ignite Denver #19 on February 26th, we are highlighting some Sparks from years gone by, each Friday a different theme. This week’s topic is:


Ignite Denver isn’t about censoring your talk, especially when it gets the point across. Here are five videos with *clutches pearls* profanity right up front in the Spark title:

Kat Atwell – How To Raise A Fucking Lady

Rick Ramos: How to Dig Yourself Out of a Shithole With a Shovel

Erik Wolf: Is My Web Guy F#cking Me?

Erika Napoletano – How the F-Bomb Promotes Green Living

Jun Heider: Recycling Practices are a Crock of Shit

If you want to submit a f*cking Spark for Ignite Denver #19, you can do so until January 26th!