Ever wondered how those rockstars…

look so damn cool on stage? It’s the lighting.

Ok well maybe it’s the hair, and the wealth, and for some (a tiny percentage) musical talent, but the lighting is what really does it!

Jim Hutchison is gonna tell us all about the glamorous world of business stage lighting. wait wait! it’s not boring I promise! 🙂 I was a lighting guy in highschool, and I can tell you, it’s a damn dangerous business. Jim’s gonna dazzle us with some kick ass lighting math, tell us how he came this close to making out with a rock star (who hasn’t I know), and just plain out floor us.

Jim’s got quirky stories galore, so make sure when the registration window opens, you’re here for the annoucement! If you’re a twitter user (tweeter? Twitty?) make sure to follow/participate in the conversation. the twitter ID, is ‘ignitedenver

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