Community building!

Got plans for the long weekend? Hope so!

My short list is re-install OS X on my MacBook Pro. Something has gotten crossed inside and started cuasing random GSOD, not good.

We may try to go camping, not sure. But enough about that!

The one important thing I’ll be doing is working on my Ignite Denver Preso. Of course I’m gonna do one! Or rather I’m gonna try 🙂

My topic will be something along the lines of building community around a brand on the cheap. Interesting? I think so, it’s part of my side job 🙂 and new FT day job, so yeah I should have something to say on the topic, now I just gotta figure out out to say it in 5 minutes.

Register now, it’s free and I promise you’ll enjoy yourself! You might even win an iTunes gift card if your trivia knowledge is up to snuff!

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