Community, bravery and vulnerability all take stage at Ignite Denver!

Three out of four people have public speaking anxiety, and we’re sure that you already know it’s the #1 phobia, outranking fear of death. Yet, somehow, Ignite Denver has managed to draw in over 325 individuals to step onto our stage and share their unique perspectives on hundreds of topics.

Why is this?  

It could be the opportunity itself. Ignite Denver gives you a stage and an audience of roughly 300 people. You get five minutes to talk about whatever sparks your passion. You get to share your story, educate people, and bring to light issues that you believe deserve greater attention.

It could be our audience. We have one of the most supportive, engaged audiences around town. New people show up every time a new show is put on, and we have countless people who have been attending our shows for years. As a speaker, you really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to serve as your crowd of fans. By and large, our audience is respectful, fun, and smart. They like to be challenged and entertained. And they’re there for our speakers!

It could be the sense of community that magically evolves around each show. Our speakers develop fast friendships, and it’s amazing to see the bonding that happens every time we get a new line-up of participants. Each group is totally unique, but similarly, quick to support each other on levels that would surprise outsiders. Even if people disagree with the ideas being presented by other speakers, they’re respectful and open-minded, and willing to offer quality feedback. That’s one of the coolest universal truths about Ignite Denver – everyone wants to see everyone else in the group succeed beyond measure.

OR! It could be our fabulous committee of volunteers. If you don’t know John Wilker, Shawna Urbanski, Ethan Crawford, Maddison Hogan, Jared Ewy or Kat Atwell, you should take a second to reach out to them. It’s highly possible one of us is writing this RIGHT NOW. Not to brag, but we’re pretty great, and we are, hands down, the biggest advocates of our speakers. Our job is to make people feel supported, get excited, and trust that we’ll do everything we can to make their experience unforgettable.

If you haven’t been to Ignite Denver before, we invite you to join us on November 1st for Ignite Denver 30. You can see for yourself why we take so much pride in the show we’ve created, and the community that continues to build. And if you’ve been to our previous shows, we definitely look forward to seeing you again!

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