Check out the Ignite Denver 9 line up!!

Without further adieu here’s the line up for Ignite Denver 9! Don’t miss it! You’ll be sad 🙂

  • Erin Ek | I See London, I See France
  • Joseph Labrecque | Zombies, Vampires and Babies – What You NEED to Know!!
  • Tim Nicklas | Pittsburghese:  A Dialectical Primer
  • Kia Ruiz | It’s Just Biology: Why We Do What We Do
  • David Pennington | Totally Wasted – Why You Should Always Remember to Bring a Towel
  • Kelly Tidd | Really? You’re a Writer? Really?!
  • Erika Napoletano | No More Redheaded Bastard Stepchildren: The Demise of the Recessive Gene
  • Tim White | Joys and Dangers of 10 Hobbies You May Not Have Tried
  • Brian Timoney | The Last Secret Shame: A Cultural History of Debt
  • Tim Davids | MORE tips for Surviving Bear Attacks
  • Jon Rossi | My First Tattoo and What I Should Have Done
  • Jennifer Duensing | How to Live on an Island
  • Eric Fickes | I Wish You Weren’t So Dumb About Computers

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