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Thank You!

Thank you everyone who joined us for our live review show last night! We raised $302 for the bug Theatre!

To prep for the evening John, Jared and Kat poured through the archives and picked a few sparks that had some significance to us. To be clear, we love them all equally, but love some a little more 🙂

We didn’t get to all of them but here’s the full list.

If you missed the fun, you can watch the recording below 🙂

Have you Ever Wondered…?

What Kat Atwell’s favorite ignite Spark is? Or John, who’s been running Ignite from day 1? Oh the stories he could tell…

We’ve been offline since after Ignite Denver 34, taking care of ourselves, our families and friends.

While in-person stuff is still a long way from being a reality, we wanted to bring the Ignite Denver family back together. We may look into an actual Ignite Denver online, but for now we wanted to do something else.

With 34 Ignite Denvers in the books… Or would it be Ignites Denver? Any how, with 34 in the books, we’ve got a wealth of awesome sparks and as you might expect, every member of the team has a favorite of two.

Join us October 21 for a fun review and chat. We’ll be online streaming, watching and talking about our favorite sparks from Ignites past. We’ll take questions, probably be drinking, and generally doing our best to be Ignite Denver in your home, on your TV, but not in a creepy way 🙂

We also want to support our friends at the Bug Theatre. They’ve been doing everything they can to keep the lights on, but as this pandemic drags on, it’s getting harder for them. As such any donation tickets sold will be forwarded on to the Bug, we’re not taking a cut, it all goes to the bug. We hope you’ll help us help them!

See you there?

Ignite Denver 27 – Speakers Announced!

Fall is just around the corner and that means our October show is coming up. We could not be more excited to share with you the brave, creative, inspiring souls who will be taking the stage. With talks ranging in topics from cocaine and storytelling, to life threatening situations like being caught in an avalanche and surviving cancer, from modern day experiences like going viral – to facing retirement today and defining what that means for you.



Are You There, Orwell? It’s Me, Taylor. Taylor Holden
Cocaine, Neural Hacks, and Craving Better Stories Jon Cook
Connecting the Dots: Remote Leadership Summer Weirich
Fitting In: A Social Disease Jason B. Kendrick
Food, Sex & Worthiness Maddie Berky
Listen! Your Body is Talking to You Meg Gibbs
On Staying Sane, Speaking Truth, and Going Viral Aimee Van Ausdall
That Time I Got Caught in an Avalanche Steve Hibbard
The Art of Being Fabulous: A Cancer Warriors Motto Trisha Trixie Hunter-Merrill
What if Retirement is not an end, but a beginning? Stephanie Bruno
Why Superheroes Terrify Me! Cooper Braun-Enos
You Did What at Chef Prudhomme’s??!! Leyla Eraybar
Learning to love myself after betrayal and forgive Rebecca Sacks

*Please note this is not the lineup for the evening, simply a list of the Sparks for October 12.

Mark your calendars for October 12! Don’t miss your opportunity at missing out on the fun- early bird tickets are available currently for $5 until September 29. Also, join in the fun on our Facebook event!

Ever Thought, is Speaking at Ignite Denver for Me?

Ignite Denver has been in my life now for seven Ignites. Throughout that time, I have gone from a complete novice, blinded by the lights as I hesitantly walked on stage and accepted the microphone from Kat… to a bit of an Ignite Denver junkie. After attending the workshops, feeling the rush of giving my Ignite talk and meeting the community of Ignite Denver: I was hooked. And I wanted more. I asked to join the committee, having no real skills or talents to offer except a willingness to learn, grow and be present. They are probably still wondering, why did they ever let this girl join?

But that’s what Ignite Denver is. It’s a place for anyone to come and feel the beautifully chaotic accepting warmth of our community. And don’t just listen to me. 95% of our attendees (who completed the survey) from Ignite Denver 25 said that they would return to future events. So, in the time that you have sat in the velvety seats of the Oriental Theater, have you ever thought to yourself, “That could be me?”

If so, then I invite you, come- join us. Inform us. Teach us. Show us your fancy yoyo tricks. Make our mouths water as you explain why your apple pie is the best on the block. Share about your ant collection. Have a unique perspective on a topic? Completed an interesting research project? Share the wealth of knowledge!

Or, have you never attended an Ignite Denver, but interested in learning more? Regardless of your experience as a public speaker, or experience not as a public speaker, Ignite levels the stage. Everyone has five minutes to talk and everyone prepares a slide deck that auto advances every 15 seconds. Speaking at Ignite Denver is different. It’s fun. It’s a challenge. Intrigued? Submit a spark. Not for you? Refer a friend- after all, that’s how we grow our speakers and our community.

Be well, Denver.

Ignite Denver: The Ideal Valentine; that’s right you heard me…IDEAL!

On a day filled with declarations of love, chocolate and people scrambling to Walgreen’s at the last minute because they forgot…you may wonder why would taking my significant other to Ignite Denver be the ultimate Valentine win?  Well have no fear I’m about to tell you!

1) It lets your special friend know you are cultured.

2) Ignite Denver is the perfect blend of intellect and raunch which let’s your snuggle poo know you are smart with just a hint of naughty.

3) Attending Ignite Denver will let your sweetie pie know how much you care about understanding social issues and becoming a part of the larger Colorado community.

4) Your pudding pop will think you are so romantic when you plan a night out at a theatrical event and not just “hanging at home” while you know tickets only cost $10.

5) You and your honey bear can spice things up by grabbing a slice of ‘za (that’s hip for pizza) through Infinitus Pie and then share some ice cream heaven from High Point Creamery.

6) Once you’ve eaten, hook your snookums with a romantic aphrodisiac cocktail served by Oriental Theater’s finest bar staff.

7) Seats in the Oriental Theater are cozy so while you’re laughing and learning from Ignite Denver’s amazing speakers, you will be making so much physical contact with your lovah it will lead to a level of intimacy sure to make your love last an eternity (this hasn’t been scientifically tested but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this).

8) Ignite Denver is shown via livestream; there’s a chance your sweet coupledom could be seen by livestream viewers. Tell your baby babe it’s your way of proclaiming your love for all the world to see!

9) You and your wuvey woo will have such a great time attending, Ignite Denver will become “your thing.”  Never spend hours stressing over an anniversary present again!

10) If you’re unattached; Ignite Denver is a wonderful place for singles to mingle without  awkward conversation and online “enhancements”!

So if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, or looking to add one more to let your fluffy bunny butt know how much you care, be sure to click on “buy tickets” and be a part of Ignite Denver 25!

And Remember…We at Ignite Denver LOVE YOU!!!!


Ignite Denver 25 Haikus

The haikus below were created by combining Ignite Denver 25 presentation titles:

Learning Healing Heart

Dizzying motivation

Jackpot! I’m not dead


Green Power Root Rot

Neuroplasticity use

Bullet holes dancing


Infiltrate circles

Middle school demons

Dealing with the needs


Surviving through self

This isn’t political

Influence service 

Now that we have your attention..haven you bought your tickets for Ignite Denver 25 yet?????



All you need is love…and Ignite Denver

Why attend Ignite Denver?

Colorado is an entertainment intensive state.  We have museums, a well-known art district, multiple music venues (indoor and outdoor), and almost as many local community theaters as microbreweries.  So with all that to choose from why choose to attend Ignite Denver?  For one simple reason…

In 2017 many people in this world are seeking community.  We are seeking intelligent, creative, funny, compassionate people to surround ourselves in because this is the way we see beauty in the world.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Ignite community a few years ago and I can’t say enough about how warm and welcoming it has been since I first attended via livestream because I couldn’t make it out in the snow.

Since that first livestream performance 3 years ago I have been hooked.  I have attended each performance since; mostly in person but once livestream.  Last year I took the risk and became an Ignite speaker, as well as a member of the volunteer crew.  Performing was so magical for me in so many ways but the peak intensity of magic came from the people around me.  Not just the ridiculously amazing volunteers who put these shows together but the people in the audience and the people working at the Oriental Theater.  The love that radiates throughout the theater during Ignite Denver shows is palpable.

It’s a love that comes from people accepting one another and applauding every single ounce of effort no matter how small or large.  It’s a love that embraces both our similarities and our differences.  It’s a love that renews your faith in mankind and one that leaves you with a strong desire to do more, to be better, to show others this love that you received and to tell everyone that will listen “you gotta go see Ignite Denver!”

You don’t have to take my word but why wouldn’t you want to take the chance to experience something this awesome?!?!




Ignite Denver 24 Speakers Announced

The results are in- we are proud to announce the speakers for Ignite Denver 24:

The Social Contract in the Digital Age by Chris Harrold
Be a bitch and be proud of it! by Nikoletta Vecsei
The Language of Poverty by Danielle Norris
Gut Explosions and Funnel Cakes by Amanda Erck
Jackpot! I’m not dead! by Lauren Gardner
The Future of Transit is in Coffee by Marjorie Alexander
Born at the Right Time by Lia Moran
Science Fiction Saves the World. Or not. by John L. Forrest
Private Life, Public Forum: Sharing Your Personal Life on Social Media by Danielle Bilbruck –
The Win-Win-Win by Heather Nelson
Where’s my Rosie the Robot? By Pete Winterscheidt

Reminder: tickets are $5 until 9/17, after the price goes up to $10. Get your tickets now!

What Kat Thinks …Talking Smoothies and Ignite Submissions

In my latest attempt to kick my day off in a semi-healthy manner, I’ve recommitted myself to making breakfast smoothies. It’s been a frustrating process. Sadly, I’m not one of those folks who traipses into the kitchen, nary a recipe to be found, only to toss in a pinch of this and a cup of that and maybe add a little more this to create the most incredible dish on the planet (or smoothie, in this case).

99.999% of the time, I have to follow recipes verbatim. Even when I’ve made the same smoothie everyday of the week, the one time I attempt to do it from memory inevitably winds up tasting like pizzle.

Side note: No idea why the word “pizzle” popped into my head. However, it did remind me of Arsenio Hall in Coming to America during the brilliant, groundbreaking scene with Samuel L. Jackson, as seen here:

Anyway, back to my smoothies. If I do everything like I’m supposed to, according to the directions, usually, it tastes pretty good. If I don’t use a recipe and try to wing it, I’m pretty much assured it’s going to be disgusting.


It happened last week, and it was nothing short of magical. I had frozen cherries, and I’d even found a cherry smoothie recipe online. However, I didn’t have all the ingredients it called for. So, I threw caution to the wind and went for it. Cherries, almond extract, vanilla yogurt, maple syrup…oh yeah. It was definitely a “go big or go home” kind of experiment. Also, I think I’d actually had my coffee prior to making breakfast, so I felt I had superpowers.

It was so delicious. It was like angels descended from the heavens, leapt into the blender, and sacrificed themselves for the sake of my tasty breakfast.

Are you sitting down? Because here comes the metaphor that ties all this back to Ignite Denver: My miracle cherry almond smoothie is your submission idea. It goes against logic. There’s no reason to talk about your topic of choice other than the fact that you feel you must. It seems utterly ridiculous, but you submit the idea anyway, because you have to.

Be the cherry almond smoothie, friend. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Eh, not entirely true. You could wind up with another crap smoothie, but you could surprise yourself.

OK, so trying this again: Be willing to be the crap smoothie, friend. Do it, because you know there’s a chance you might wind up being a not crap smoothie.

Crap and smoothie are two words that shouldn’t incorporate the same sentence. I’m spiraling here.

Try something new. Despite feeling like you’re limited in scope, and presenting at Ignite Denver feels totally scary and unfamiliar, risk it anyway.

You have until 9/1/2016 to submit an idea. Go for it.

A Few Things You Should Know About Denver

Whether it’s watching the Denver Broncos play at Sports Authority Field or grabbing beers while watching the Colorado Rockies, Denverites will use any excuse to get out of the house. That being said, here are a few things you should know about Denver.


Let’s start with the beer, which is always plentiful. Though we may be home to the domestic brew powerhouse Coors Brewing Company, we are really known for being the King (or Queen) of Microbreweries. According to more than 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries are in Colorado. That equates to roughly 230 breweries, an ever growing number as more and more continue to pop up in every town. Denver also hosts the Great American Beer Festival, bringing together brewers and aficionados from all over the country tasting the largest collection of U.S beer ever served.

denver beer


Everyone loves it here. Therefore, the Denver area is a melting pot of sorts. Which means that traffic can be kind of a shit show. Think too few lanes, too many people, and then add snow and ice to the mix. It’s not pretty. Not to mention the construction that always seems to be happening on at least one road to wherever you are going.

denver snow traffic


Yeah, that is not a typo. Denver is a young city, and a great city for singles. Nerdwallet put together some stats and Denver was only included on the “Best Cities for Singles” list and also ranked the No. 9 spot for single ladies to go on the prowl.

menver denver


We have covered that Denver is a great city to be single in. That said, don’t be surprised to be asked out on a first date to hike a 14er or ski a Black Diamond slope. Denverites are adventure seekers with a little bit of crazy running in their veins. (For those of you not from Denver, a 14er is a mountain that is 14,000 ft. and higher. They are not an easy feat, but many Coloradans will make them seem like a walk in the park.)

denver 14er mountain


If you choose to partake in the marijuana movement of Denver don’t be a n00b. Yes, it’s legal. Yes, you can buy it at a dispensary. But don’t be asking random strangers where the nearest weed store is or try and smoke it wherever you want. There are still (some) regulations.

denver weed


Denver is a music hub. Bands of all genres from all over the country and world come to Denver, not only for its central location, but for the vast amount of venues. Not to mention that we are home to one of the greatest open-air venues in the world: Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

red rocks ampitheater

Now that you are a little more informed on the great city of Denver, come and get to know some of the friendly, eclectic people of this fine city in person.

The next Ignite Denver is on March 3rd, 2016. We will see you there!

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