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Ignite Denver 5 – next week! Don’t forget!

Don’t forget, Ignite Denver 5 is next week! Make sure to RSVP!

We’ll be announcing the line up on Monday! We’ve got some kick ass topics lined up, it’s gonna be awesome!

Local social network Coathangr has stickers for everyone! I know, Stickers! Make sure you’re there!

Spread the word, bring your friends, tell the guy in the cube across from yours, tell the lady on the 16th St Mall bus! 🙂

See you Wednesday! At Casselman’s

Ignite Denver – Tickets available now!

Time to RSVP!

That’s right! Tickets are now available for Ignite Denver 5 (AKA October 2009). Make sure you RSVP as soon as possible to secure your spot! Last time we sold out right before, I’m hoping we sell out even sooner!

The more people the better! Let’s make sure this Ignite Denver is more awesomer (yeah I said Awesomer) than before!

We’re not charging for Ignite Denver, in fact our goal is to NEVER charge for Ignite Denver tickets. But we are asking for donations, to help us get more/better raffle items, buy some rounds of drinks for everyone, etc. It’s completely optional, and voluntary, if you don’t wanna donate, don’t.

The reason we’re asking for donations, and not charging is simple, we think Ignite should be free. If people want to donate/help out, by all means, we greatly appreciate it, but if they don’t they should still get to enjoy the awesome presentations, great community and networking.

We’ve got an awesome local Denver band to play intermission, they played last time, and have some new material. Also the lighting and audio at Casselman’s is better, so The Compilers will be easier to hear and understand, don’t worry we paid attention last time!

We’re still accepting submissions for topics, so please, pretty please, spread the word, or submit your own topic, then spread the word  🙂 tell everyone to vote, and participate! There’s no reason we can’t get Ignite Denver to encompass more of our awesome city!

If you or your company would like to sponsor, just drop us an email.

So that’s it, the clock is running, stay tuned for more, lots, lots more! But make sure you RSVP!

Ignite Denver Call for topics!

Ocotober 14th isn’t that far away! If you think you’ve got what it takes to present at an Ignite, or wanna come back and do it again, submit a topic over at the Uservoice site!

The compilers are looking to come back too! If you want more awesome local talent music, that included twitter, make sure to vote 🙂

Also remember we’re looking for some help to form an Ignite Denver committee, sign up if you’re interested in helping out!


Ignite Denver 4 – The line up!

So far here’s what we’ve got to look forward to at Ignite Denver 4 at Casselman’s!

(not the order or appearance)

  • Zombie Attack Best Practices
  • Social Network Analysis for Dummies
  • Five Minutes of Positive Encouragement
  • Anime is NOT Cartoon Porn!
  • Hash House Harriers
  • Chaos Theory: the clockwork universe is broken!
  • Things you don’t know about me.
  • How to Pick up Dudes: From a Totally Hetero Man
  • One Million Faces, 4 months later
  • 5 Minutes on Random slides from someone else, AKA Ignite Karaoke
  • Jesus Freaking In A Social World

Don’t forget, the Compilers will be playing intermission!

Ignite Denver 4 – with Music, No cover!

We’ve got the line up firming up, just a few spots left to lock down, the Compilers are ready to rock the house during intermission, all that’s missing is you!

Have you registered?

We’ve got some awesome art to give away as well from local artist Jared Brown. Jared gave us some cool prints from his collection to raffle off, Chris Chadwick is whipping up all kinds of Ignite branded goodies too! So we’ll be doing that after The Compilers’ performance.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to RSVP now! No RSVP, no raffle, and when we sell, out, no entry.

If you know anyone who would make an awesome Ignite presenter, pass the word along, we’ve got 3 spots I’d like to fill, so spread the word, let’s make sure Ignite Denver is always as awesome as possible!

Submit topics here

Ignite Denver 4 – with Music!

So I wasn’t really looking to book an act for Ignite, mainly because I know nothing about looking for, booking musical acts, and have no money to pay them.

Then my friends chimed in.

Past presenter Jun Heider and Scott Sheridan, and Eric Fickes have gotten together to form Divo… no wait that’s taken, and those guys would look silly in red hats. They’re the Compilers!

During Intermission at Ignite Denver 4, they’ll be playing some tunes for us, which I really think is awesome! Like I said I wasn’t looking for music, but when it drops in my laps, and it’s people I know and think are awesome! Well it’s hard to pass up!

So make sure you RSVP for Ignite Denver 4, we sold out last time, and Casselman’s hold more people, but I’m sure we’ll fill up, so don’t dilly dally! Register now!

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