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Ignite Denver 28: Speakers Announced!

We never know what we are going to get with a February show, sometimes it’s a snow storm, other times 70 degrees. But thankfully, what we do know is that we have an incredible line up waiting for you! Early bird prices will give you 50% off tickets from now until 2/9.

*Please note this is just an announcement of the speakers, it is not the order they will be speaking in night of.

Kaleigh Vance Embody Your Animal
Chris Englert 10 Ladies Walk into Denver…
Michael Jennings Even More Love…
Julia E. Torres Love is a verb. Education is liberation.
Curt Bean Creative solutions to modern day problems
Jackson Stevens You Should Delete Facebook
Brian Inderwies Rising Together: Growing With Foster Kids
Gregory Kotsaftis The Truth About Lies
Russell Agnew One brave smile
Meridith Marshall Captain Planet gave me a Complex
Pavel Reppo Britney Spears said it best, you drive me crazy
Danielle Giffin We Are The #MeToo Generation
Jim and Louise Gunderson Robots, AI, and the workplace of Tomorrow
Ellen Penrod American Lung Association

Ignite Denver 27 – Speakers Announced!

Fall is just around the corner and that means our October show is coming up. We could not be more excited to share with you the brave, creative, inspiring souls who will be taking the stage. With talks ranging in topics from cocaine and storytelling, to life threatening situations like being caught in an avalanche and surviving cancer, from modern day experiences like going viral – to facing retirement today and defining what that means for you.



Are You There, Orwell? It’s Me, Taylor. Taylor Holden
Cocaine, Neural Hacks, and Craving Better Stories Jon Cook
Connecting the Dots: Remote Leadership Summer Weirich
Fitting In: A Social Disease Jason B. Kendrick
Food, Sex & Worthiness Maddie Berky
Listen! Your Body is Talking to You Meg Gibbs
On Staying Sane, Speaking Truth, and Going Viral Aimee Van Ausdall
That Time I Got Caught in an Avalanche Steve Hibbard
The Art of Being Fabulous: A Cancer Warriors Motto Trisha Trixie Hunter-Merrill
What if Retirement is not an end, but a beginning? Stephanie Bruno
Why Superheroes Terrify Me! Cooper Braun-Enos
You Did What at Chef Prudhomme’s??!! Leyla Eraybar
Learning to love myself after betrayal and forgive Rebecca Sacks

*Please note this is not the lineup for the evening, simply a list of the Sparks for October 12.

Mark your calendars for October 12! Don’t miss your opportunity at missing out on the fun- early bird tickets are available currently for $5 until September 29. Also, join in the fun on our Facebook event!

Speaker Spotlight: Interview with Nicole Nageli

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(photo: Stephanie Vail)
(photo: Stephanie Vail)

“Nicole is full of big dreams, bright ideas, and best of all- action. Nicole hasn’t let anything stand in her way, least of all, her age.”


I spotted Nicole the moment I walked in the door to the coffee shop, early on a Saturday morning. Filled with contagious energy, Nicole is the kind of friend you want to go on roller coasters with, get ice cream with, or even start a business with. Nicole is full of big dreams, bright ideas, and best of all- action. Nicole hasn’t let anything stand in her way, least of all, her age.

At age 13, Nicole has a message to share and recently, had an opportunity to be part of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, sponsored by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce. This academy offered an opportunity to create a business plan and pitch the idea to a business panel; the process included working out the details of the finances, her company’s mission and incorporating her own sweat equity. Nicole had a huge grin on her face as she regaled how she spent an entire summer writing- and illustrating- a 60 page children’s book, over her summer vacation. Her summer vacation!

Listening to our ambitious 13 year old speaker eagerly describe the impact her computer science class is having, and how coding is quickly becoming one of her favorite subjects to learn is incredible. Nicole was even selected as one of 15 students to visit Google’s campus during one of their last weeks of school and shares, with two thumbs up, how visiting the campus was, “One of the coolest things in the whole world!”

Her goal? Nicole tells it well: “The message I’m trying to convey in my book is that the story should address important issues, but be simple enough so that younger people can understand it and older people can too.”


This girl isn’t done yet, in fact, she’s just getting started. Nicole shares, “I want to publish more books that go into deeper concepts than the first two books. The first two are happy kids books. I want a deeper message and [to be] more inspirational. I want to spread a message and make sure I’m doing good.”

Nicole understands the depths of creating a legacy, in fact, that is what she, our youngest speaker at Ignite Denver ever, tackles when she will take the stage on June 8th at The Oriental Theater. Nicole has a beautiful message to share with others: if you help each other rise to the top, then everyone can rise together, no matter what your mission is.


Read more about Nicole’s spark here.


Ignite Denver 26 – Speakers Announced!

One thing that is true about Ignite Denver is that anyone and everyone has an opportunity submit and speak on stage at The Oriental Theater. We were completely blown away with 35 impressive submissions for Ignite Denver 26, and it is our honor to announce the line up for June 8th:

The Mystical, Complicated, Edifying Nature of Deep Female Friendships and What they Can Teach Us Shaughnessy Speirs
October 2005, in the North of Nigeria, two men have been convicted of sodomy and have been sentenced to death by stoning. Karen Stewart
The Reflection in My Mirror is a Person I Can’t Remember MicheleElys
What Water Fountain are you Drinking From? Nita Mosby Tyler
Stop the Trauma Lily Nussbaum
What is a Legacy? Nicole Nageli
Shrinking the income equality gap through VR Lawrence Wagner
Blockchain and Bitcoin Explained Bruce Daley
Sometimes you have to sell out to know your self-worth Joseph Chehouri
How Asking Stupid Questions Makes You Smarter Brian Peterson
Toddlers, Terrorists, and Everyone In-between: Negotiating The Long Game Taj Moore
A public thank-you to my amazing father, and a word of encouragement to the parents of “lost” children Amanda Gold
My True Story of Sex, Shame and Addiction Scott Slack
My Maddy’s…The Art of Friendship Tammy Abramovitz
Gaston taught me everything I need to know about Donald Trump Gena Ozols
Bubbles Make Everything Better Carlyn Shaw

We are so excited and hope you will take advantage of the $5 prices– hurry, they only last until 5/20!

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