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Ignite Denver 4 – Wrap up

Ignite Denver 4 was a ton of fun!!

I think Casselman’s was an awesome place to have Ignite. We’ve got room to grow, which is great, and the overall set up is just awesome.

It felt like the energy of the crowd was improved as well from previous Ignites Denver. The typical critics were there of course, what would it be with out them to cast bad juju? Overall though, the vibe was much better than before, I think that was great, and definitely a testament to the location, the presentations, and the crowd!

The presentations ran from the interesting to the funny to the “huh” which I think is cool. If nothing else, being different from “typical Ignite” presentations, isn’t a bad thing in moderation.

The compilers played an awesome intermission set.

We had some cool raffle stuff, which was fun! Jared gave some art, Chris gave some shot glasses and dog tags

The master deck is below for anyone that wants to watch.

Also for the first time in Ignite Denver history, we’re going to have video of the presentations thanks to Erik Boles of ChannelSnap TV. As soon as they’re available I’ll be posting them here, and submitting what I can to Ignite TV.

Thanks for everyone who came out to support us! It was a good time! See you next time!

Ignite Denver 4 – The plan for July 8th

OK everyone! Here’s the official line up for tomorrow night! Door’s open at 6pm, we’ll start around 6:45 or so.

We’ve got some cool stuff to raffle off; art from a local artist, schwag from Chris Chadwick – dips on the wall clock!, some Glue shirts, and beer koozies. All kinds of cool stuff.

After Intermission, Joe will be trying out his wit on a slide deck of my choosing 🙂

  1. Things you don’t know about me.
  2. Hash House Harriers
  3. Chaos Theory: the clockwork universe is broken!
  4. Five Minutes of Positive Encouragement
  5. Anime is NOT Cartoon Porn!

Intermission: The Compilers

  1. mins on random slides from someone else,
  2. Social Network Analysis for Dummies
  3. Update on one Million Faced Project
  4. Jesus Freaking In A Social World
  5. How to pick up dudes: Tips from a totally hetero man
  6. Zombie Attack Best Practices

Come and join us at Casselman’s tomorrow night! There’s still a little room, so make sure you RSVP, and tell your friends.

Ignite Denver 4 – The line up!

So far here’s what we’ve got to look forward to at Ignite Denver 4 at Casselman’s!

(not the order or appearance)

  • Zombie Attack Best Practices
  • Social Network Analysis for Dummies
  • Five Minutes of Positive Encouragement
  • Anime is NOT Cartoon Porn!
  • Hash House Harriers
  • Chaos Theory: the clockwork universe is broken!
  • Things you don’t know about me.
  • How to Pick up Dudes: From a Totally Hetero Man
  • One Million Faces, 4 months later
  • 5 Minutes on Random slides from someone else, AKA Ignite Karaoke
  • Jesus Freaking In A Social World

Don’t forget, the Compilers will be playing intermission!

Ignite Denver 4 – with Music, No cover!

We’ve got the line up firming up, just a few spots left to lock down, the Compilers are ready to rock the house during intermission, all that’s missing is you!

Have you registered?

We’ve got some awesome art to give away as well from local artist Jared Brown. Jared gave us some cool prints from his collection to raffle off, Chris Chadwick is whipping up all kinds of Ignite branded goodies too! So we’ll be doing that after The Compilers’ performance.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to RSVP now! No RSVP, no raffle, and when we sell, out, no entry.

If you know anyone who would make an awesome Ignite presenter, pass the word along, we’ve got 3 spots I’d like to fill, so spread the word, let’s make sure Ignite Denver is always as awesome as possible!

Submit topics here

Ignite Denver 4 – first line up!

So far here’s what we’ve got to look forward to at Ignite Denver 4 at Casselman’s!

(not the order or appearance)

  • Zombie Attack Best Practices
  • Social Network Analysis for Dummies
  • Five Minutes of Positive Encouragement
  • Anime is NOT Cartoon Porn!
  • Hash House Harriers
  • Oscar Wilde Went to Prison Because He Refused to Kiss an Ugly Boy
  • Things you don’t know about me.
We’ve got room for a few more to round out the night, so it’s not too late! Submit your topic!

Don’t forget, the Compilers will be playing intermission!

Ignite Denver 4 – with Music!

So I wasn’t really looking to book an act for Ignite, mainly because I know nothing about looking for, booking musical acts, and have no money to pay them.

Then my friends chimed in.

Past presenter Jun Heider and Scott Sheridan, and Eric Fickes have gotten together to form Divo… no wait that’s taken, and those guys would look silly in red hats. They’re the Compilers!

During Intermission at Ignite Denver 4, they’ll be playing some tunes for us, which I really think is awesome! Like I said I wasn’t looking for music, but when it drops in my laps, and it’s people I know and think are awesome! Well it’s hard to pass up!

So make sure you RSVP for Ignite Denver 4, we sold out last time, and Casselman’s hold more people, but I’m sure we’ll fill up, so don’t dilly dally! Register now!

Ignite Denver – awesome ‘how to give an ignite preso’

This came up on this magical mailing list that Ignite Organizers use to talk about David Hassolhof, er… never mind.

Anyway, Scott has an awesome write up on ‘how to do an Ignite Preso‘. it’s good stuff.

Thinking about presenting, read Scott’s post, then go submit a topic.

Haven’t RSVP’d yet? Better get on it. We’ve got more room, but we’ll probably ‘sell out’ again! RSVP Now!

IgniteDenver – already some awesome raffle items

Jared Brown reached out to me shortly after I announced Ignite Denver 4, with some really awesome stuff.

Jared Brown is a self-proclaimed nerd-artist living here in Denver. He grew up on a steady diet of G.I. Joe and Transformers, and a myriad of other things they’re making terrible movies out of these days. His work consists of cartoonish robots doing human things like going to work and dating. He also has paintings of Star Wars and 80s cartoon characters. His site,, showcases his most recent work as well as an opinion page where he reviews books, movies, and video games.

Jared sent me some prints to raffle off next month at Ignite Denver 4, it’s gonna be hard to not frame them and keep them myself.

I can’t wait for Ignite Denver 4. RSVPs are moving at a great clip, I fully expect we’ll “sell out” again. 
Remember, we’re looking for some sponsors to help cover some expenses of Ignite, if you’re looking for exposure for yourself or your business with some of the coolest folks in Denver, this is an awesome and inexpensive way to get in front of a lot of people.
Thanks Jared! (twitter)

Ignite Denver 4 – july 8th!

Yesterday, Nicole and I swung by Casselman’s and talked to the manager, Adam about doing the next Ignite Denver there, we’re in.

Casselman’s is a new venue that opened up near our place on Walnut. Refresh Denver held their last meeting there and it was a huge success. The space is actually very Ignite Friendly and I’m thinking we might have a permenant home. We’ll have to see. The upside is that the space is nice and large so there’s room to grow to about 300ish, and the bar is on the other side of a a wall, so the ‘noise problem’ should be reduced/eliminated.

For those of you that made it to Ignite Denver 3 at the Irish Snug, you know the topic submission site is open, so if you’ve got something you want to share, go submit it!

I’ll be opening the RSVP list up in a little while.

We’re also trying to raise the bar on Ignite Denver as far as raffles and goodies. To Accomplish that, we need sponsors. If you or your company is looking to get someface time with 150-200 interesting and cool people, your logo on Ignite Denver slides might be a good way to get your name out there.

The Website get’s a fair bit of traffic too so your logo would be pretty visible.

Sponsorship is very open ended, We’re more interested in helping local companies, than laying out “sponsorship levels” that strictly define value.

Email me if you’re interested in sponsoring. ignitedenver AT gmail DOT com

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