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Ignite Denver $2 beers, all night long

Thanks to our awesome pals at Flying Dog we’re going to be enjoying $2 Flying Dog beers all night long for Ignite Denver 6!

Ignite Denver 6 is shaping up to be a good time! And $2 Flying Dog is certainly gonna help make it better 🙂

If you haven’t submitted your topic for Ignite Denver 6, better hurry! Feb 9th we close the submission window. We also open the registration page. We’ll be accepting donations again like last time, you’re free to choose to support us or not, however your $5 donation will not just help ensure that Ignite Denver continues it also gets your first beer 🙂

Stay tuned, we hope to have more cool stuff to report soon! Ignite Denver 6 and Global Ignite Week are gonna be of the hook!

Ignite Denver 6 – Have you submitted your topic?

For those that might not know, the submission form IS open.

Submit your topic here.

We’ll be closing the submission form around noon on Feb 9th.

You don’t need to have the entire topic ironed out. Just the idea. You can always email us to update your info.

But if you don’t submit, and then forget, well that sucks, and we’d hate for you to feel bad 🙂

Submit your topic, and keep an eye out for when tickets go on “sale” (By “sale” we mean free of course)

Ignite Denver 6 – Bringing the funny!

Don’t forget! The submission window for topics for Ignite Denver 6 is open, closing Feb 9th. Submit your topic now!

As a special treat for everyone, we’ve got a great comedian lined up for intermission!

She is Sassy with a T – Jill Tasei!
Jill was a member of the wining team from last spring’s – “Funny Final 4” at Comedy Works!
She’s often seen on stage at Comedy Works’ “New Talent Tuesdays”

It’s gonna be a great intermission, worthy of an event of it’s own, but it’s just for us between presentations!

Don’t miss Ignite Denver 6, We’re participating in Global Ignite Week, so it’s gonna be extra awesome!

Registration opens soon!

Ignite Denver Part of Global Ignite Week

It’s now official! Ignite Denver 6 is march 2nd, at the Rackhouse Pub! (You know the place, home of the Movember party, Tweetups, and Whiskey!)

We’ve taken our time announcing, because we want to make sure this Ignite Denver is the most badass of them all (To date, at least)

Global Ignite Week is a week long, worldwide event, were about 40 cities will be holding their Ignite the same week. You can read Brady’s write up on GIW here.

This global event really raises the stakes for Ignite Denver, sponsors and speakers alike are going to get WAY MORE exposure!

The submission window, officially opens… NOW. Use this form to submit your topic. The window will close around February some time. Then the public will vote!

Submit your idea! Remember to make sure you’re gonna be around on March 2nd!

Ignite Denver 6 is also on the Denwhere calendar, make sure you subscribe to it, to keep up to date on the latest happenings in Social media geekery around Denver and it’s ‘burbs.

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