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Tuesday Two! Alcohol. (There, I said it.)

Our lives don’t revolve around alcohol. Far from it. But we do enjoy a libation from time to time. Responsibly, of course. And in moderation. (What’s that saying? “All things in moderation, including moderation.”)

We’ve distilled two talks about alcohol from the long history of Ignite Denver, and we’d like you to watch them responsibly. And perhaps in moderation.

Scott Sheridan: Interesting Facts About the Wines of the World – Ignite Denver 6

Joseph Labrecque: Absinthe: Artistic Rituals, Intestinal Parasites, and Psychoactive Madness! – Ignite Denver 12

(Stick with the meandering camerawork here, folks. It’s an interesting Spark!)

Someone might talk about alcohol at Ignite Denver 21. We don’t know. It’s up to you to vote.

Come out to Ignite Denver 21! Buy tickets here. Early bird pricing! What what.

Bonus alcohol video! “D.R.I.N.K.” by The Jazz Butcher (The video is just some pictures of folks who seem like they like drinking. The song is by The Jazz Butcher.)

Ignite Denver – Now with more beer!

Haven’t bought a ticket to Ignite Denver yet? You should. Already bought the $10 2 beer ticket, you’re in luck.

Through the magic of awesome sponsors we’re making the 2 beer ticket a “beer Wristband” ticket which means your $10 now gets you a lot more awesome craft beer!

Like I said, if you haven’t bought a ticket, they’re going fast and you should jump on it. We’ve got an awesome line up of presenters, and awesome line up of craft beer sponsors, and of course the regular Ignite Denver awesomeness that you’ve come to know and love!

You can read a bit more on the Denver Off the Wagon Blog.

Don’t miss out!


Ignite Denver 6 Wrap up. Ignite Denver 7 Announced!

I had this sitting in draft since the day after Ignite Denver 6… blog fail.

Looking back on Ignite Denver, a lot went well. A lot more needs improvement.

What went NOT awesome.

  • We didn’t insist on Rackhouse closing to the public, so we had to compete with people there to drink.
  • Rackhouse didn’t believe we’d bring in well over 250 (A new record for Ignite Denver), so we had seating issues.
  • For some it wasn’t clear, the beer you got with donation was Flying Dog. Apparently a free beer is still game for bitching and complaining. We’ll be more clear.
  • A comedian, while hilarious, is a bad idea for an Ignite intermission. Jill Tasei is very funny, but that wasn’t the right environment. My bad
  • Slide deck roulette. I tried to be slick and have a slide deck only machine, and while that worked well, getting slides from speakers up until 1 hour before Ignite, was a huge fail. I was off my game in getting the master deck put together.
  • From now on. Slides in 2 days before, or we select an alternate.

What went awesome

  • We successfully live streamed Ignite Denver 6. That was the second time we’ve streamed, and the first was more a “well let’s just whip something up”. This time we planned on streaming from the beginning.
  • We sold out, and then some. Not only did we break our previous attendance records, but we sold the place out.
  • We raised money for charity. We gave a $200 check to the Bridge Project. Once we paid the bar tab for the speaker beers, and beers that came with donations, we cleared just a smidge over $200. It was great. The more you give us, the more we give to charity.
  • Presentation selection. For the first time we had more submissions that we could actually use, which meant voting was a huge help in guiding our selection. It’s awesome to finally see more people getting interested in Ignite Denver.
  • The Speed round. The only trouble was the aforementioned slide deck roulette troubles. But the speed round presentations themselves went really well. A good first run for sure.

So, with Ignite Denver now OFFICIALLY wrapped, LOL… Ignite Denver 7!

Taking what we’ve learned from the past 6, we’re going to hold Ignite Denver 7 at the Oriental Theatre on July 27th. Make sure to mark your calendar now! July 27th! If you haven’t already subscribe to the Denwhere calendar, ID7 is already on it!

That means: Huge screen, no bar noise, no trouble seeing the presenter!

Max attendance is again 250, let’s sell out ID7 faster than we did ID6!

We’re still working on charity selection, but we will definitely be donating to a charity. We’re gonna need a lot more donations too! Dig deep folks. Moving to a more awesome venue includes costs.

Donating is still optional. I strongly feel Ignite should not be a pay to play event. If you don’t want to donate, but want to be a part of something awesome, highlighting how kick ass Denver is, that’s totally cool. Charging, IMO is weak sauce.

The time table for ID7 is as follows!

June 21st we start accepting submissions.

July 2nd we STOP accepting submissions.

Voting is open July 5th thru 16th

See you there!

Ignite Denver 6 – The Line Up

This is the first time in Ignite Denver history where voting was more than merely ranking, we had about 23 submitted topics, and only room for 16 presentations, some didn’t make it. The 16 presentations that did make it are great! We’re in for an awesome night!

Here’s the line up for March 2nd!!
  • Intro – Terry Cabeen
  • Jess Brick – How to Survive a Night in County: A White Girl’s Guide to stickin’ it to THE MAN
  • Aaron DeLay – Cain and Abel 2: Die Harder
  • Jun Heider – Mainstream recycling practices are a crock of shit.
  • Jim – St. Patty’s Day – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Scott Sheridan – Interesting Facts About the Wines of the World
  • Nora Burns – Dating, Recruiting & Zha Zha Zuu
  • Kezza – Irish Cuisine – Beyond Beer and Potatoes!
  • Josh Mishell & Chris Rippe – The Dude Abides: Self Help, Lebowski-Style
  • INTERMISSION ( awesome local Comedian )
  • Nick Armstrong – Hatdrop Heartbreak Roadtrip – Let’s Go
  • Bryan Bugfrog – It’s not your mom’s video shoot.
  • Andrea Hill – Why roller derby should be an olympic sport
  • @timd – Internet Dating for Dummies with @2509.
  • Erika Napoletano – How the F-Bomb Promotes Green Living
  • Grant Beery – A Colorado Beer for Every Month
  • An Bui and Luke Tilsley – Food Fantasy vs. Food Reality
  • Tim Nicklas – Avatar, BOTOX, and Warren Miller Films – a prescription to treat kids with cerebral palsy
  • Elaine Ellis – tells her story of 3 months in Europe… in 5 minutes.

There’s only about 80 spots left, 20 went today! RSVP Now!

    Ignite Denver – Like Whiskey? Like Hammocks?

    Like Whiskey? Like Hammocks?

    You can walk out of Ignite Denver 6 with each if you conquer the speed round!

    We’re going to have 3 people do the speed round (Not the 2 we initially thought). Each will present the same deck, with a different ‘theme’ than the original presenter.

    No one goes home empty handed, but best bring your A game 🙂

    First place is a bottle of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

    Second place is an awesome Trek Light Gear Hammock!

    Third place will be something we pick up with some of the donation money we collect.

    Don’t forget to RSVP! Ignite Denver 6 is coming up fast!

    Ignite Denver – Charity Rocks!

    Part of the Global Ignite Week thing is charity.

    So with that in mind, and with what is hopefully the first of a recurring theme for Ignite Denver, we’ll be donating the remainder of the donated money from Ignite Denver 6 to The Bridge Project.

    As we’ve said before, our costs in running Ignite Denver are low, we buy beer for the presenters, and prizes when we need to. The rest, we’re donating.

    The Bridge Project is a great local charity here in Denver.

    The more we collect in donations, the more we have to donate, so don’t be shy everyone, it’s a great cause!

    Remember, every $5 donation, also gets your a beer ticket.

    RSVP now for Ignite Denver 6! March 2nd!

    Ignite Denver – Registration open!

    The voting is going on now, so make sure you go vote for the best submissions. BUT, make sure you RSVP for Ignite Denver 6 as well. Well. Space is limited to under 200 so don’t mess around and dilly dally.

    As always Ignite Denver is 100% free to attend, but we do offer a donation ticket ($5), that helps us cover the costs of running Ignite Denver, it also helps us buy beer for the presenters, and thanks to Flying Doge Ales, we’re also able to use part of each donation, to give donators their first beer free. So if you want to help Ignite Denver exist, help us with raffle prizes, help us show our presenters some love, and in general help keep Ignite Denver going, please share $5, and your first beer is on us.

    Start your weekend on off right! RSVP for an awesome night of fun, geekery, and beer with Ignite Denver!

    RSVP Here.

    Ignite Denver Speed Round Competition!!

    During our last committee meeting, we were talking about ways to hand out prizes, and fun competitions to do. We came up with the Speed round, a new take on the mystery deck idea we’ve used twice before. We wanted to take the idea of the mystery deck and put it in the hands of the audience.

    Here’s how it’s gonna work!

    At the first intermission, before our comedian takes the stage for some funny, everyone will vote on which slide deck from part 1 they’d like to see as the speed round.

    At the end of part 2 we’ll call for volunteers (2 of them) to come up and deliver the speed round, using the chosen deck, but telling a different story. When each contestant gets up the tell the crowd their ‘theme’ and then away we go.

    Here’s how the speed round is speedy 🙂

    It’s the same 20 slides, but it’s 2/3 faster, that means each slide is only up for 5 seconds. so the entire deck is done in 100 seconds (just under 2 minutes)

    The crowd votes for the winner with applause.

    The winners will win some awesome prizes, we’re still working on those.

    So when you’re sitting in the audience watching the awesome presentations, keep in mind which you’d like to see in 1/3 time!

    Hurry up and submit a topic, time’s running out.

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