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Tuesday Two! Hop in the Wayback Machine!

For this Tuesday Two, we decided to go old-school and show you our humble beginnings: The first two videos uploaded to our YouTube channel! It’s always good to reflect back as we move forward, and we certainly appreciate how far we’ve come in the almost six years since Ignite Denver 5. Well, maybe we haven’t come that far…. Our speakers are still fantastic and irreverent, our crowds are still a bit rowdy (a few drinks can do that to you), and it’s still just 20 slides in 5 minutes. We also still have a great community in Denver who supports the craziness, three times a year.

With that in mind, here’s where it all started – on our YouTube channel, at least.

An Bui – How To Pick Up Chicks – Tips From A Totally Hetero Woman

Krista Jurczenia – Cupcakes and Dating: A Comparative Study

Bonus video! Our most recent upload from our most recent event – Kat Atwell: Welcome to Ignite Denver 20

Want to be part of the craziness of Ignite Denver 21 on November 5th? Submit a Spark by THIS FRIDAY, October 2nd!

Just want to watch the craziness? Tickets are now available at Early Bird prices. Either way, we’ll see you in November!

Ignite Denver – Drinking and Driving sucks

Consider this the Ignite Denver PSA.

Drinking and driving is bad, mmmkay, so don’t do it. There’s plenty of options available to you. Namely the light rail.

The light rail station isn’t close, but it ain’t far.

There’s also cabs, which the Rackhouse will call for you no problem. We want everyone to have fun, but just be responsible 🙂

Thanks, see you March 2nd! Don’t forget to RSVP 🙂

Ignite Denver 5 – It’s a Wrap!

Ignite Denver 5 is over!

I hope everyone who was there in person, or watching the online stream had as much fun as I did. I think we’re finally starting to really hit our stride. We’re still working on forming a steering committee, but we did have a great start at video (below is one angle. The other camera footage is still be processed)

I’ve got the footage from Ben Wilkoff’s cam, so I’m working on that, Ethan is working on his angle. Ethan was also the man behind streaming, hats off to him!

Many Many thanks to those that have stepped up to help make Ignite Denver better!

Luke Tilsey, Nicole Wilker, Ethan Crawford, Christine Adolf, PJ Hoberman, and Jun Heider

Thanks to the Compilers for playing another awesome set!

Also thanks to our supporters!

Casselman’s Bar and venue for the space

City Bark LoDo for the Gift certificate

We’re still looking for folks to step up and help steer Ignite Denver, just leave a comment here if you want to get involved or email ignitedenver AT gmail DOT com.

See you in a few months!

Ignite Denver – Streaming live, and recorded

Can’t make it to Ignite Denver? We should be streaming it, right here! We’ll also be recording for posting later! This is our first time trying to stream, so be nice 🙂

Here’s the current line up.

Jun Heider


Tim D

Krista Jurczenia

An Bui

INTERMISSION – The Compilers

Deb Robison

Ben Wilkoff

Grant Beery

Mystery Deck of Doom (For fame and fortune!)

Ignite Denver 5 – This week!

We’ve been working hard to get some great topics lined up for Ignite Denver 5, this Wednesday, and I’m happy to reveal the line up!

As always, we may add some new stuff as it comes, but this is the line up we’re working with now!

  1. Jeremy Tanner – What is Ignite – welcome
  2. Jun Heider – The evolution of Internet FAIL: In a non-linear fashion
  3. Luke Tilsey – How to Pick Up Dudes (Part 2): The ‘Secret Revealed
  4. Tim D (2509) – Avoiding and Surviving Bear Attacks
  5. Musical Guest – The Compilers, back again, with more great music!
  6. Lauren Cook – Get Baked: Why Boycotting Cupcakes Will Turn The Recession Around
  7. Ben Wilkoff – Authentic Learning: Imagine school (and work) with a real purpose and a real audience
  8. An Bui – How to Pick Up Chicks: Tips from a Totally Hetero Woman
  9. Sarah Wells – Ethical Shoplifting
  10. ? – Mystery Deck of Doom

I’m really excited by these topics! It’s gonna be a blast!!

I’m hoping we’ll have another Guinea pig for the “Mystery Deck of Doom” presentation. Not sure what that is? I create an Ignite Slide Deck, which tells a story, has a logical flow, like any other presentation, except you won’t see it until it starts 🙂 Any takers? Not for the meek, But definitely fun!!! Just ask Joe H! From Ignite Denver 4!

There’s still plenty of Room so make sure to RSVP and help us spread the word!

See you Wednesday at 6pm!!

Ignite Denver 5 – next week! Don’t forget!

Don’t forget, Ignite Denver 5 is next week! Make sure to RSVP!

We’ll be announcing the line up on Monday! We’ve got some kick ass topics lined up, it’s gonna be awesome!

Local social network Coathangr has stickers for everyone! I know, Stickers! Make sure you’re there!

Spread the word, bring your friends, tell the guy in the cube across from yours, tell the lady on the 16th St Mall bus! 🙂

See you Wednesday! At Casselman’s

IgniteDenver committee meeting tonight

Tonight a few of us are getting together to strategize Ignite Denver 5 if you’re interested in helping out, stop by Casselman’s around 6.

Right now we’re just getting the idea of the committee off the ground, so if you’re interested in helping in any way, drop by and say hello! Even if you just want to help during the event!

Make sure you RSVP, tickets are moving fast!

Ignite Denver – Tickets available now!

Time to RSVP!

That’s right! Tickets are now available for Ignite Denver 5 (AKA October 2009). Make sure you RSVP as soon as possible to secure your spot! Last time we sold out right before, I’m hoping we sell out even sooner!

The more people the better! Let’s make sure this Ignite Denver is more awesomer (yeah I said Awesomer) than before!

We’re not charging for Ignite Denver, in fact our goal is to NEVER charge for Ignite Denver tickets. But we are asking for donations, to help us get more/better raffle items, buy some rounds of drinks for everyone, etc. It’s completely optional, and voluntary, if you don’t wanna donate, don’t.

The reason we’re asking for donations, and not charging is simple, we think Ignite should be free. If people want to donate/help out, by all means, we greatly appreciate it, but if they don’t they should still get to enjoy the awesome presentations, great community and networking.

We’ve got an awesome local Denver band to play intermission, they played last time, and have some new material. Also the lighting and audio at Casselman’s is better, so The Compilers will be easier to hear and understand, don’t worry we paid attention last time!

We’re still accepting submissions for topics, so please, pretty please, spread the word, or submit your own topic, then spread the word  🙂 tell everyone to vote, and participate! There’s no reason we can’t get Ignite Denver to encompass more of our awesome city!

If you or your company would like to sponsor, just drop us an email.

So that’s it, the clock is running, stay tuned for more, lots, lots more! But make sure you RSVP!

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