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Ignite Denver 11 Videos

Finally! The videos from Ignite Denver 11 are in!

I want to thank the gang at ZeroSun Pictures who volunteered nearly all of their video production company to get these done. There were snags and obstacles but these guys went above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with the videos of our amazing Ignite Denver 11 presenters. Now you may have noticed that one presentation is missing. The always delightful Kia Ruiz is still in the limbo stage. We are doing our best to dig it out of the mire, but until then please enjoy…

[youtubegallery] Colin Thomas-Arnold|
Eric Rosenberg|
Erika Napoletano|
Helene Kwong|
Jillian Hart|
Kelly Tidd|
Kia Ruiz|
Tali Koziol|
Tim Nicklas|
Zach Olsen|

Thank you from Ignite Denver 11

To all of the wonderful people and organizations who helped make Ignite Denver 11 such a wild success, we say thank you. To our friends behind the scenes – John, Kipp, Tory, Jared, Matt, TerryKristin and anyone else who came to committee meetings and helped us hash out this party – the organization, coordination and execution of this show was done with immaculate precision. We ran into some minor, unavoidable issues however they were met and handled professionally and with great care.

The presentations this time around were incredible. We are wiser about everything from ancient Hindu beliefs to bitches and vinegar…seriously. There isn’t much more to say than this was the best group of presenters I have ever seen at Ignite Denver.

One last, special thank you to the Oriental Theater and Patrick Carroll’s (whose name we totally spelled wrong) for bringing the world’s rowdiest Igniters into their establishments and offering us outstanding hospitality.

Videos of Ignite Denver 11 talks will be available soon. Please keep an eye here and also on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

We have Ignite Denver 12 in the works…more in that soon.

What was your favorite part of the the night? We would love for you to let us know!


What Do You Know About Ignite Denver?

First of all, Ignite Denver is not a request. If you have a gas can and a match please don’t tell them we asked you to, because we didn’t.

At Ignite Denver you get a microphone and a deck of twenty slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds, giving you 5 minutes to speak on any topic you want. Buy why would you want to do that? What is the goal?

The goal is simple, you get to:

  1. Inform us about what interests you
  2. Entertain us with your wit and wisdom
  3. Learn about new Coloradans and see their uniqueness
  4. Meet new people and make new friends
  5. Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

There are food trucks, a bar and a sold-out theater full of incredible new people who are there to meet one another and learn about our experiences.

Also, this:

What Makes Coloradans Unique?

What is Ignite Denver?

It amazes me how many people can’t answer that question. I learned about it a little over 2 years ago at The Rackhouse Pub for Ignite Denver 5. Since then it’s been a household name, however all my friends are social, techie, geeky, foodie and/or boozie folks. Apparently few people outside of my general bubble of social reality actually know about this amazing, wacky, educational night of fun, friends, libations and clever five minute talks by some incredible Coloradians.

We teamed up with ZeroSun Pictures, with help from to break it down for you as best we can. We spent the afternoon on the 16th Street Mall talking to various passers by, trying to learn just what makes Colorado unique and what sets us apart from the other, 100 plus Ignite cities across the Earth.

I know that these folks haven’t come close to covering all of it. Not a single person mentioned that our Governor has his own incredibly tasty craft beer brewery! I mean seriously. What else do we have that makes the Ignite Denver experience so undoubtedly Colorado?

Ignite Denver 11 is happening tomorrow and tickets are only five lousy dollars!
Get your tickets now at Eventbrite <—(This is the ticket link, click it and get some)

Are you ready for Ignite?

Watch the Ignite Denver 11 Live Video Broadcast!

Thursday, the 14th of June (Flag Day!), the Oriental Theater is hosting Ignite Denver 11, a fun and fast-paced event for Denver’s social, techie, geeky, foodie and/or boozie folks.

See presentations like:
It’s Not My Fault, I’m a Hairless Male Ape
Bitches Love Candles (And Other Courtship Fallacies)
Do Ancient Hindu and Yoga Beliefs Help You Live A Happy Modern Life? You Betcha!
Japan Is Crazy, And So Can You!
How To Start A Blog That Doesn’t Suck
>> Check out the rest of the Ignite Denver 11 lineup.

From 7 – 9 p.m. watch your friends and Twitter connections embarrass themselves, or become a legend on stage.

  1. Throwing shoes is discouraged.

Tickets are going fast, so buy yours online now with Eventbrite!

Music from DJ Patrick Lee
Street food from CrockSpot and the Vegan Van

Emceed by Jared Ewy, community evangelist for

Doors open at 6, and the show starts at 7! See you there!

Announcing the Ignite Denver 11 Speakers!

After a gruelling week and a half of voting, we are ready to announce the #IgniteDenver11 speakers! Before you go any further, remember to drop by and get your tickets.

Bitches Love Candles: And Other Courtship Fallacies by Kelly Tidd
Do Ancient Hindu and Yoga Beliefs Help You Live a Happy Modern Life? You Bethca! by Tali Koziol
The Bridge Between Worlds by Helene Kwong
The Making of a Seemingly Social Recluse: A National Geographic Special by Erika Napoletano
How to Start a Blog That Doesn’t Suck by Eric Rosenberg
It’s not my fault, I’m a hairless male ape. by Tim Nicklas
Mommy Bloggers by Jillian Hart
Japan is crazy. And so can you! by Colin Thomas-Arnold
Distilled Vinegar: Utilitarian Mistress by Kia M. Ruiz
Boundless Creativity Via Boundaries, Constraints & Limitations by Zach Olsen

UPDATE: DJ Patrick Lee will provide live music for the evening, arrive early (6pm) to enjoy the fresh local cuts.  You can also find/listen to his albums at

Now that you are all super excited to know who is speaking, go forth and buy a ticket to Ignite Denver 11!!

Ignite Denver 11

We . Are . Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re back. The unseasonably warm weather has thawed us from our winter slumber and we are ready to make it happen. Mark your calendars because on Thursday, June 14 we return to bring you Ignite Denver 11!

We’ve shaken some things up at ID:HQ with some new blood, new sponsors and everything that goes along with it. Don’t worry though, we still have all of the tried and true elements that have made Ignite Denver so incredibly badass. Typically you save the best news for last, but we are too excited to hold it in that long. We know some of you had some issues with the last venue, well we did too. We are very happy to announce that this time we will be back home at the Oriental Theater. The Oriental has been wonderful to work with, Ignite after Ignite. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with them again.

A New Sponsor

The changes we’ve made have drawn a new Ignite Denver sponsor! We want to thank the living heck out of Denver interactive marketing agency, Fusionbox!

If you would like to sponsor Ignite Denver, please let us know. We would love your support!

Submit a Spark

Spark submission is open now! Dream up your best, most clever ideas and submit a spark via our handy-dandy form. Voting is open now until Sunday, April 15th at midnight. Don’t be late!!

Do you have questions? I thought you would. Please let us know in the comments below.

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