Announcing the Ignite Denver 13 Lineup

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we know you’ve all be waiting for. It’s your Ignite Denver 13 presenters!

In what is a first for Ignite Denver, the entire line up for Ignite Denver 13 has been selected by community voting. Previously the community selected half of the presentations and the Ignite committee selected half of the lineup. We listened to your feedback from previous Ignite Denvers and decided to try out 100% community based voting. We’re really happy to turn over the creation of the Ignite Denver line up to all of you guys. Check out the various types of knowledge that are going to be dropped on Wednesday, February 27 and be sure to get your tickets today!

  • Spell Check Ain’t Your Friend
  • Perfume is My Kryptonite: Why My Super Power is Killing Me
  • 10 ways to encourage entrepreneurship
  • Customers:  The Best VC
  • What if Being Miserable Was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to You?
  • 5 Fails When Moving into a New Office
  • So you want to be a foreign correspondent?
  • Could you be in a common law marriage without knowing it?
  • How To Talk Your Way Into Anything
  • Bathroom Cubbies and Chopstick Training Wheels: UX of Daily Life
  • Two Things You Have to Do
  • Looking From a Different Perspective
  • How to Make Your Life Better and Piss People Off
  • Doing What Needs to be Done

Are you as excited as we are to watch all of these presentations? We certainly hope you are! Remember to bring your appetite for learning as well as food, we’re going to offer you opportunities to satiate both. With Ignite presentations starting at 7 pm and Fat Sully’s pizza truck serving up pizza before the show starts and during intermission, you’ll be sure to leave with both your brain and your belly full!


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