Announcing the Ignite Denver 11 Speakers!

After a gruelling week and a half of voting, we are ready to announce the #IgniteDenver11 speakers! Before you go any further, remember to drop by and get your tickets.

Bitches Love Candles: And Other Courtship Fallacies by Kelly Tidd
Do Ancient Hindu and Yoga Beliefs Help You Live a Happy Modern Life? You Bethca! by Tali Koziol
The Bridge Between Worlds by Helene Kwong
The Making of a Seemingly Social Recluse: A National Geographic Special by Erika Napoletano
How to Start a Blog That Doesn’t Suck by Eric Rosenberg
It’s not my fault, I’m a hairless male ape. by Tim Nicklas
Mommy Bloggers by Jillian Hart
Japan is crazy. And so can you! by Colin Thomas-Arnold
Distilled Vinegar: Utilitarian Mistress by Kia M. Ruiz
Boundless Creativity Via Boundaries, Constraints & Limitations by Zach Olsen

UPDATE: DJ Patrick Lee will provide live music for the evening, arrive early (6pm) to enjoy the fresh local cuts.  You can also find/listen to his albums at

Now that you are all super excited to know who is speaking, go forth and buy a ticket to Ignite Denver 11!!

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