Announcing the First Ever June-O-Ween at Ignite Denver 14!

I won’t lie. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love coming up with costume ideas (I plan them for months, actually), I love seeing other people’s costumes and I love candy corn, the official disgusting candy of Halloween.

The one thing I HATE about Halloween in Colorado is that it always manages to take place during the first cold snap of the year. So all these great costumes are covered by bulky North Face parkas or ladies in skimpy costumes look miserable rather than jovial as they freeze their little butts off in the cold.

Well, NOT ANYMORE! We here at Ignite Denver are changing the rules and we’re having Halloween in June (or June-O-Ween, if you will)!

June-O-Ween Ignite Denver
Someone please, pretty please, wear this costume.

That’s right; Ignite Denver 14 is going to be Halloween themed. Come decked out in your favorite costume and don’t worry about having to cover it up with bulky flesh-toned tights or a turtleneck underneath. Wear that costume the way it was meant to be worn: in dead sexy fashion.

Gorillas, ghouls, school girls or Tarzan. We want to see you in an outfit you’ve never worn to Ignite Denver before! We’ll be giving away prizes for best speaker costume, best audience costume and best group costume and local awesome photo booth company, Chipper Booth, will be there to capture your most ridiculous poses and memorial moments.

We have to give credit to the Denwhere? crew for helping to make Ignite Denver a June-O-Ween dream. If you haven’t heard of them, Denwhere? is an organization that recently formed in order to facilitate community, entrepreneurship, and education in Denver and Ignite Denver is their flagship event.

We’ve got a couple other surprises up our sleeves for June-O-Ween and Ignite Denver 14, so stay tuned for more awesome announcements.

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