Announcing Your Speakers for Ignite Denver 16!

Ignite Denver LogoMan, do we have a diverse cast of characters coming atcha this February 20th at the Oriental. We’re really excited by the speaker’s you’ve chosen and we have to say, Denver, you have mah-velous taste, dah-ling. Mean it! Love you!

OK, now I shut up and give you the list of speakers and topics for the main event in no particular order:

  • Joe Hackel: Space is the new (Colorado) (Internet) (Microbrewery) startup
  • Meg Jamison: Why “Smart” is Stupid: A critical look at education through the lens of innovation
  • Justin Morgan: The Art of Storytelling
  • Tiffany Lanier: You’re not broke. You just have a Broke Mindset.
  • Becky Tate: 30 Days of Pleasure
  • Rick Ramos: How to Dig Yourself Out of a Shithole With a Shovel
  • Frank DeDominicis: Myths of Women & Power
  • Cody Pearson: Vibes Are Real
  • Melissa Dafni: The New Internet is Coming, Are you Ready?
  • Marissa Berlin: The Art of the Heckle
  • Dean Bacalzo: Running Can Be Fun… Seriously.
  • Alicia Nieva-Woodgate: Mr. Mayor – Save Denver
  • Jeff Gamet: Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learn from Watching Muggles in Starbucks
  • Justin Stollsteimer: Want Your Website to Look Like NO YOU DON’T.

Awwww yeah. Are you getting a little excited? Is your breath short from anticipation? Are your palms sweating with excitement?

First things first, catch your damn breath and dry your hands with a towel, because you have a problem containing yourself.

Next, go get your tickets for Ignite Denver 16 right here:

Now, go get a countdown app so you can watch it anxiously as you wait for 6 pm on February 20th at The Oriental Theater.

We’re gonna have a grand ol’ time.

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