2nd Wave of Workshoppes Announced!

Ever thought about presenting at Ignite Denver? Have you done it but want to do it again, just better than before? 
You’re in luck! We’ve just announced our second round of Ignite Denver spark workshoppes. They’re free to attend, and open to everyone! Each session begins at 6 pm and Shift Workspaces on 3rd & Corona.

July 29th – Developing a Compelling Pitch/Spark: Ever wondered how some people get all the votes when it comes time for spark voting? Chances are it’s a combined factor of social media promotion and a damn good spark topic and summary. We’ll walk you through making a pitch that’s interesting and gets you those votes.

August 12th – Presenting at Ignite: Being on stage at Ignite Denver isn’t just the same ol’ presentation you’ve done a hundred times in the conference room at your office. It’s dynamic and fast paced and anything can happen. We’ll walk you through our process and the speaker responsibilities for the night of Ignite, as well as gives you some tips that will help you make it through the evening in one piece.

August 26th – Creating a Good Presentation: There’s an art to a good presentation. If you’ve been to an Ignite before, you know that there are some presentations that knock your socks off and some that fall flat. Let us give you pointers on developing the former and avoiding the latter.

September 4th – First Speaker Run Through: All speakers must be able to commit to either this run through or the final run through in order to be eligible to participate inIgnite Denver. Before you submit, check your calendar and make sure you have one (or both) of these days free.

September 9th – Final Run Through: This is the final run through before D-Day. TheIgnite Organizational Board, as well as your fellow speakers will watch your presentation and give you feedback that will help strengthen you presentation so you knock it out of the park.

Attend all five or pick the workshoppe that think will benefit you the most. They are open to everyone, whether you’re presenting or you just want to find out a little more information before you decide to present. So come join us at 6 pm in the conference room at Shift Workspaces and see how we can help you become a better presenter!


-The Ignite Organizational Board

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