Workshops: The Schedule

This round of workshops includes:

Creating a Compelling Spark: 1/5
Presenting at Ignite: 1/19
Creating a Good Presentation: 2/2

All workshops will be at Shift Workspaces at 383 Corona St

All are welcome. Especially beer.

Friday Five! The Art Of The Spark

Maybe this topic should be called “The Art of ‘The Art of’ Spark,” because we have 5 Sparks that are titled “The Art of”…something. Puppy raising, heckling, storytelling, saying ‘hi,’ and BBQ. No Dutch Masters here! (Unless some future intrepid Igniter chooses to do a Spark on The Art of Cigars. Or The Art of Art. But that might be too broad of a scope. Ahem.)

Don’t dodge these artful Sparks! (Ok, we’ll stop now.) And make sure you practice the art of the early ticket purchase for Ignite Denver 19 at the Oriental Theater on February 26th!

Natalie Plowman: The Art of Puppy-Raising

Marissa Berlin: The Art of the Heckle

Justin Morgan: The Art of Storytelling

David McMurtry: The Ancient Lost Art of Saying Hi!

Jon Rossi: The Art of BBQ and Judging

Friday Five! 5 Videos to Ignite Your Wanderlust

We love Denver – a lot – but sometimes in order to appreciate where you live, you’ve got to get away for a bit. This week, we present five videos of people who have traveled the globe and stopped on our stage for 5 minutes to tell us about it. Enjoy the talks and then get outta town. (And be sure to come back! We love you, too.:)

Voting for Ignite Denver #19 opens on Monday – return here and tell us which Sparks you want to see! And buy your tickets now – it’s cheaper than buying them at the door. Even cheaper if you’re a student. Heck yeah.

Elizabeth Becker: So you want to be a foreign correspondent?

Elaine Ellis: Three months in Europe in 5 minutes

Colin Thomas-Arnold: Japan is crazy. And so can you!

Stephanie Lee: 20 Things You Don’t Know About Australia

Laura Levaas: Globetrotting on the Cheap


Friday Five! 5 Topics That Make You Think

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Friday Five! The holiday weekend got the better of us but we’re here on the holiday itself to deliver five Sparks from past Ignite Denver events that will make you think.

Ignite Denver #19 is on Thursday, February 26th at the Oriental Theater. (Buy tickets now!) Hopefully one of these talks will inspire you to submit a Spark and get your buns/tuchas/derrière up on the stage to make us think! (Or laugh, or cry, or yell, or get angry, or…you get the idea.)

Dr. M.D. Kinoti: Help! I Live on Less Than a Dollar a Day

Paula Stephens: How A Recycling Program Lead to My Discover of an Unidentified Stage of Grief

Aaron Templer: A Rhythm Runs Through It: Our Lives Defined By Beats

Erika Napoletano: You Don’t Know Jacques: The Recondite Lives of Renowned People

Eli Fehler: How Your Friends Are Shaping Your Brain

And since the holiday in question is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here’s a bonus video to make you think: