Tuesday Two! Love for our Ignite Denver MCs

The Spark presenters at Ignite Denver are the reason so many people come out to the events, time after time. However, we also have talented and thoughtful MCs like Jared Ewy and Kat Atwell who start our evenings off right and keep the proceedings rolling along all night.

Come see Kat on Thursday, June 11th (that’s the day after tomorrow!! Buy tickets!) as she leads us through another fantastic Ignite Denver. Make sure to bring your appetite for good food and good music, as we’ll have Biker Jim’s Dogs serving up tasty grub before/during the show and Kotorino serving up gorgeous tunes at the afterparty!

And here’s Jared opening up Ignite Denver #17!

See you Thursday at the Oriental Theater!!

Tuesday Two! Education Situation

In this season of graduations, we pause to look back at Sparks that have the theme of education at their heart.

First up, Jeff Macco explains why we should treat college like a job, and not like school:

Next, Meg Jamison advocates for changing how we teach kids in order to provide the skills they will need to be innovators, not just memorizers:

There are two and a half weeks left until Ignite Denver 20, so get your tickets early and save money! See you Thursday June 11th at the Oriental Theater.

Tuesday Two! Two Sparks About Quitting Your Job

Well, one Spark about quitting, one Spark about not quitting. Because it’s always good to have options.

First up, from Ignite Denver #8, Eric Fickes shows you how to quit your job and be your own boss:

Next up, Tim Nicklas makes the case for “intrapraneurship” – innovating within the company you currently work for:

You can also buy a ticket now for Ignite Denver #20 on Thursday, June 11th to hear Ravi Raman explain why you should quit your job to travel the world!