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Good God, What Is Happening to the Site?!?

Corporate ClownHello, Friends! We’re working on the site, and we’re doing it live. Hey, it’s the off-season, between events, so traffic is low right now. Don’t mind the dust, and feel free to drop us a line (Twitter or Facebook) with any thoughts you may have on the progress.

Nice RAQ

There are a few rarely asked questions we’d like to answer for our eager readers.

  1. When is the next event? Thursday, October 9th. Doors at 6, stage at 7.
  2. Where is it? At the Oriental Theater again. We just love them.
  3. How can I speak? Submissions open Monday, August 25th. Set a reminder and check back then for a link.
  4. Where are the videos of the last event? We have a handy Ignite Denver 17 Playlist at our usual YouTube hangout.
  5. Where are the photos of the last event? We have a handy Ignite Denver 17 Album at our usual Facebook hangout.
  6. Wait, are you guys on Hangouts? What’s that? I don’t think so.
  7. Well then why do you keep using that word?! Remember when a word was just a word, maaan?
  8. Whatever. Are you still doing workshops? I heard they were really helpful. We’ve heard the same, so the workshops will continue!

ID18 Calendar

Aug 18 – Workshop: Pitch Your Spark
Aug 25 – Submissions open
Sep 2 – Workshop: Presnting at Ignite
Sep 8 – Voting Opens
Sep 15 – Workshop: Creating a Great Presentation
Sep 15 – Presenters Announced

If you want to speak, keep Sept 22 & 29 open as well.

Get to Know Your Ignite Denver Speakers

One of my favorite parts about being an Ignite Denver organizer is getting to know all of the speakers. While I love Ignite Denver events, my favorite part is actually the run throughs before the event. It’s there that we get to know our speakers a little better and we form an eclectic little community, if only for a few weeks.

Everybody helps everyone out. We all give each other feedback and lean on one another for guidance. It’s a thing of beauty.

For this Ignite Denver, I wanted to give you just the littlest peep into the people that I get to meet as an organizer. You’ll see them all on stage on Friday night (if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you really should get on that), but here, you can find out more about them, their lives, their passions and, of course, their contact information should you want to hit them up.

Aurora Arlet: The Creativity Crisis: Why we need more sandboxes and less Xboxes

As an accomplished communications professional at Edelman PR, with more than a decade of expertise developing and executing all aspects of public outreach campaigns, Aurora is on top of all the industry trends and knows exactly where her clients will be successful. Aurora is a member of Edelman’s corporate and technology team and has worked with an extensive list of technology and clean tech companies and organizations.

Paula Stephens: How A Recycling Program Lead To My Discovery Of An Unidentified Stage of Grief

Paula has her masters degree in exercise physiology and teaches part time at Metro State University. Through the loss of her oldest son in 2010 Paula realized the need to use her experience in Wellness to change the way we recovery from grief. She developed Crazy Good Grief which recognizes that we can’t simply move on from loss, but we can simply move.

Mary Kuehner: You’re not OCD, you’re just anal retentive

Mary has been a children’s librarian for almost 16 years. She plays a little ukulele, harbors a grumpy three-legged cat, and knows a lot about how to get little kids to love books and reading (it mostly involves making a fool of yourself). None of this has anything to do with what she’s going to talk about at Ignite, and yet she is still MADE OF AWESOME.

Aaron Templer: When good things happen to good people

Aaron (AT) is a self-employed marketing consultant. He hits drums, too. Some call him The Gora Dhol Wallah: The White Dhol (a drum from North India) Guy/Player. Connect with him on social media via either Twitter or Facebook.

Keith Hagen: Clarity trumps Persuasion.

Keith, of Conversion IQ, knows nothing about improving websites, and its taken 16 years of trying to realize it.  But he does gain insight into what is and isn’t working for site visitors, and then makes and tests site optimizations.  He’s worked on over 1500 sites the past couple of years.

Scott Rohrig: Humanize Yourself

Scott’s not intimidated by large crowds and includes people, relationships, social media and connecting with like-minded individuals a few of his favorite things.  He is a passionate dad and husband and lover of backpacking, skiing, soccer, scotch and fun people, but not necessarily in that order.

Nathan Hildreth: Flow ain’t just the Aunt of unwelcomed visits!

Prior to co-founding Fluo Apparel, Nathan played a significant role in the cannabis movement for four years.  Before this he was directing communications for a congressional candidate, and going back 12 years further, Nathan launched his professional career in real estate development, which led to him starting his own real estate company.  Follow the man and the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Erik Wolf: Marketing & Testicles: They Have More In Common Than You Think

Erik Wolf is the founder of, the first marketing automation suite for WordPress. He’s been a marketer, consultant, creative director and designer for more than 18 years and has written two books about small business marketing.

Khalana Gocken: Nature Is Our Weapon

Khalana grew up on a small farm along the northern Front Range. She is the founder of Ethos Landscape & Design where she leads a team that is passionate about sustainability. In her spare time she can be found in her garden teaching her kids weedy plant ID (and pulling techniques).

Jeff Macco: What if colleges were treated like a business?

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of SeedPaths, which teaches young adults the professional and technical skills required to gain meaningful employment in the IT industry. Appointed by Governor Hickenlooper, Jeff is a member of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, which exists to create a business-focused workforce system that effectively helps to prepare Coloradans for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Natalie Plowman: The Art of Puppy-Raising

Natalie is a high school English teacher who spent her first three years of teaching in Turkey, and self-published a book with stories and photos from her first year of travels. She’s also takes and sells photos in here “spare” time. She also maintains a hiking blog for predominantly dog-friendly hikes around Colorado.

Pete WinterScheidtShitty meeting syndrome, your office has it, here is how to fix it.

Pete is an enthusiastic software engineer for ReadyTalk, an audio and web conferencing provider. He is keen on leveraging technology so you can enjoy more time outside. When not in the office you can find Pete playing lawn games or working on an Alfa Romeo.

I’m just pleased as punch with the diversity of our group and the all out smarty pants that I’ve been able to hang out with for the past few weeks. I highly suggest you find them and say hi on Friday night.

Ignite Seattle’s Five Minute Wedding Proves Ignite is So Much More Than Education

Ignite Seattle has been going strong since 2006. In fact, they just recently had their 24th Ignite Seattle on May 22nd this year and at the end of that event, something pretty amazing happened. But before I get to the what, let me give you a little back-story leading up to the special day.

Noah Iliinsky was at the very first Ignite Seattle in 2006. Then, in 2008, he decided to give his first Ignite presentation titled “Complex Diagrams: How to Make Lasagna Instead of Spaghetti.” Teresa Valdez was in that audience, but she and Noah didn’t end up meeting that evening.

Cut to 2011, when Teresa decides she wants to give a presentation at Ignite Seattle. Her talk was called, “ The Art of Subverting on Facebook,” in which she talked about how Facebook ads were making single women feel like losers for not successfully bagging a hubby and how she subverted those ads with $5 and her own Facebook ads.

Seriously, you should really go watch that presentation right now, especially the ladies, because it’s very empowering.

Well, guess what. Noah was in the audience that night and he was so impressed by her talk that he went up to tell her so after the show.

Cut to a few months later and they have their first date.

A few years later and this just happened on the Ignite Seattle stage a few short nights ago.

You see, folks, Ignite is so much more than just people getting on stage and talking about this or that. It’s a way for us all to come together as a community and rejoice in the people that bring it together.

So why don’t you come and be a part of our amazing Denver community on June 13th to celebrate June-O-Ween and Ignite Denver 17. Dress in your favorite costumes and have a ball with friends new and old.

We honest to god cannot wait to see you there.